What can you do with a #nursing degree? Here’s a list of 100 nursing specialties, via @thenerdynurse.

What you do as a nurse? A great list of 100 Things You Can Do With A Nursing Degree // Pin Now - Read Later!

Read the advice of women who have walked in your shoes...here's some advice on how to prepare for your future career while still in college!

7 Ways to Prepare For Your Career in College

College is a great time to pave the way for your future career because of the variety of opportunities for growth and learning. We asked some successful business women to share their tips on how to…

This is an image of a video game design tips info-graphic. This image meets my mastery needs. In the future I want to be considered the best video game designer, and I want to be able to help others, and be able to be the one giving tips.

Video game designers are extremely passionate about their jobs. At least according to a few very successful video game designers we spoke to about how.

Where will jobs be in 2020?

Where Will the Jobs be in 2020? [Infographic]

So by 2020 services for elderly will be one of the largest career fields, but currently the annual salary for those fields is Interesting : /

registered nurse - http://www.medicalfieldcareeroptions.com/howtobecomeanadvancedpracticeregisterednurse.php

The Need-to-Knows of a Future Nurse [Infographic]

Considering a career in nursing? Column Five Media developed this for Rasmussen College on essential information you need to know to plan your path!

Certified Wedding Planner Infographic - Penn Foster Career School

Become a certified ABC wedding planner with courses Penn Foster offers online that prepare students as they learn how to become a wedding planner.

My Future Career Worksheet

My Future Career Worksheet

Cash assistance isn’t just a moral imperative that raises living standards. It’s also a critical investment in the health and future careers of low-income kids.

Busting the Myth of ‘Welfare Makes People Lazy’

Cash assistance isn’t just a moral imperative that raises living standards. It’s also a critical investment in the health and future careers of low-income kids.

Women in Law infographic

Whatever Stereotypes You Have About Lawyers, I Hope We Can All Agree On One Thing

Women in Law infographic examines the key issues women in law face, the gender gap, the history of influential women, and the barriers women experience.

How To Become a Wedding Planner, Tips for Becoming a Wedding Planner & having a Career in Wedding Planning | Team Wedding Blog

Become a Wedding Planner

Brides-to-be have enough to do and worry about, so it& no surprise that one or more tasks on their to-do lists fall through the proverbial cracks. Check out 10 things brides forget

Social Work101: Considering a career in social work?  Here is a quick understanding of the profession, and the varying roles social workers play in our world. This infographic breaks down where 642,000 American social workers are employed, details about three common fields of practice and profiles four famous social workers who were pioneers in the field.

March is National Social Work Month and this year's theme by the NASW is "Social Work Matters." Check out this infographic on social work!

What can I do with a degree in Environmental Engineering? (Infographic)

Are you currently majoring in or graduated with a degree in environmental engineering? Then learn about the many career options you can explore in this infographic about what you can do with a degree in environmental engineering.