Giacomo Balla, Shape Noise Motorcyclist (1913) - Italian Futurism in art embraced speed and locomotion. EC

Giacomo Balla – Into the Future

Giacomo Balla: Speed of a Motorcycle, 1913 inspired Trevor Cole / Quiet Matter 3

The Strength of the Curve Tullio Crali 1930 - Italian Futurism

The Strength of the Curve [Tullio Crali, Read more about 20 Dynamic Paintings From The Italian Futurists Cartridge…

Moving figures inspired by Futurism. can do this with any object

Moving figures inspired by Futurism (Arte a Scuola)

Rhythm After studying the avant-garde movement of Futurism, in the classes of Grade 9 we decided to reproduce the movement of a figure using the method of overlapping sequences and force lines used by the.

Luc Desmarchelier

Tucked away in a small Little Rock in the rings of a planet is the perfect spot, really.