Galavant's(tv show) Larp sword

Galavant'stv show Larp sword by TrollMartelletCorp on Etsy

Lyrics to Galavant's theme song  "Way back in days of old There was a legend told About a hero known as GALAVANT"

Galavant, the songs kind of remind me of mel brook's men in tights.

Galavant - Isabella and king Richard

Galavant - Isabella (Karen David) and King Richard (Timothy Omundson).

Galavant. A show I am excited for though it is quite far from its release date....I love this trailer for it so how could I not be excited!?

Galavant a show so great you just cant help but sing the name

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Gif - Galavant - King Richard - Now I understand you all came here under the threat of death and I appreciate it.


held illimitable dominion over all ❇ I am sister to the rain; Fey and sudden and unholy, Petulant at the windowpane, Quickly lost, remembered slowly.