Garden goodies are things that capture your eye and evoke your curiosity

To determine precisely how many worms to put money into, you’ll need to take into account how much kitchen and garden waste you want converted into black gold.

Funky Junk Interiors: jUnK yArD iNsPiRaTiOn

jUnK yArD iNsPiRaTiOn

neat idea: flower box from a rusty tool box and metal shelf brackets. Perfect idea for my dads old tool box, that I just can't part with!

Organized Clutter: Garden Junk Doesn't Last Forever

Garden Junk Doesn't Last Forever

table and swag lamps from the 60s or 70s, which were thrift store finds. I took them apart, then simply put them back together in a way that allowed them to hang from the shepherds hooks. The smaller ones I attached to actual threaded lamp rods and capped them, so I could poke them into the ground wherever they seemed needed.

Here's one of my favorite garden junk projects ever: hanging glass globes. These beautiful glass pieces started life as table and swag lamps from the or which were thrift store finds. I too(Diy Garden Globes)


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Junk Garden Tour 2016

Need an easy way to add color to an overlooked corner your backyard? Old milks cans, chicken feeders, and galvanized mop buckets are just itching for new life as planters. Tour the rest of this creative garden.