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Easy DIY Garden Markers

Chalkboard paint garden markers. Easy project for your spring garden. www.handmadeintheheartland.com

Easy Garden Markers

How do you identify your plants in the garden after you have planted the seed? I usually use Garden Markers to help me to know what plants are what.

Garden Marker Ideas

Rustic French Garden Tags, another cute idea. I'd love this for our garden!

peel off the bark with a veggie peeler to make DIY Branch garden markers ...

26 DIY Plant Markers For Your Springtime Garden

Another cool idea for gardening labels and reusing bricks you might not need laying around

Garden hints and insect/pest control Idea Box by Valerie

I especially like the font Turn old bricks into herb garden markers. Bricks used as garden edging could do double duty as plant signs. More creative plant marker ideas

Rustic Herb marker Garden marker Wood burned

Desigrans Interior Elements: Herb marker Garden marker Wood burned Rustic Set of by JulietMade(Diy Garden Markers)

for the garden!

20 Money-Saving Gardening Tips (From Pinterest)

Stone Herb Markers use a white Sharpie pen. I'm about to plant my herb garden. What a good idea.

Spring is that perfect season lets you pay more attention on the garden. Flowers, tress, plants and vegetables…they will give you a lot of joyful time when you are taking care of them. Besides of plants, the garden also require many other unique and creative decorations. A garden path, small fountain or stone seating, they […]

19 Cute and No-money Ideas to Label the Garden Plants

DIY garden decorations are easy to do and make a statement in your green area. These garden markers are twigs and branches shaved and then painted with the name of veggies.

Mildly humorous garden labels :) : : 24 Carrot Rabbitry

Goodbye rotting popsicle sticks♥ and finally something useful to do with plastic forks that find their way into your life.

Glass bubbles signs Glue the paper between the glass pebbles Carefully cut out the circles of the plant markers you plan on using. I used a 3/4″ hole punch at first, but it was a little too big and I had to trim them down.  I used this awesome glass glue called Eclectic Adhesive E6000 , and is totally weather proof. Glue the paper veggie circles between two glass pebbles and let dry.  Read more at http://www.craftjr.com/garden-craft-plant-markers-free-pattern-download/#p1xVBK4UDASw5Q28.99

Garden Bling: Garden Markers Four Ways

Garden Bling: Garden Markers Four Ways ~ Creative Green Living. Maybe my dog wouldn't eat these like he did the wine cork markers.

One of the best ways to protect your seed packets with all the info you need to remember is to slide it over a stake and cover with a glass jar - plus it's weatherproof!

Attach seed packets to wooden stakes by slitting the bottom of the paper with a knife and sliding the stake through; shield each marker under a small inverted mason jar. or store bought jelly jars

Want to give your garden a splash of color this year?  These long-lasting colorful garden markers are not just adorable, they are a snap to make with supplies you probably already have on hand! @kikkisdesigns

DIY Rainbow Garden Markers Diy Garden Plant Markers

Want to give your garden a splash of color this year? These long-lasting colorful garden markers are not just adorable, they are a snap to make with supplies you have. I made these last year but without the color. I'm using colored one's this year.