Geddy lee

Rush is a Band Blog: Special New York City speaking appearance by Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee - shredding the bass like no other. Plays it like a lead guitar.

Geddy Lee 1980 - all those amazing Rush albums on vinyl. Saw them many times at Hammersmith Odeon for less than a fiver! one of the highest voices in rock, and yet strangely it works! great band...

Geddy Lee with his white Rickenbacker 4080 Bass/Guitar, Mini Moog, Taurus Pedals and Oberheim 8 voice

Geddy Lee from RUSH - parents from Poland

Geddy Lee from RUSH - parents were Polish Jews who fell in love as survivors of being unceremoniously and horribly imprisoned in Auschwitz as all the other innocents that were detained in German concentration camps.

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Rush Band Geddy Lee Funny Cartoons | Picture - Geddy Lee | Photo 1164761…

Canadian rock band Rush performs live at the Cruzan Amphitheater

THIS is what I was looking for: Geddy Lee and his double neck Rickenbacker

RUSH - Geddy Lee and his double neck Rickenbacker