My cat does the exact same thing! She crawls around in my drawers and tosses my clothes everywhere. I really wanna be mad, but I know she's just a cat, and she's also really cute.

Pokémon < gastly, haunter and gengar are such cutiepie pokémons

Gengar by OrcaOwl

Gengar doodle for a friend of mine! I did this as a warm-up to get used to working on the cintiq again Gengar

Gengar | The Definitive Ranking Of The Original 151 Pokémon


Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type Pokémon introduced in Generation It is known as the Shadow Pokémon.

Gengar is so adorable ♡

rinnai-rai: “ Made a gengar phone background for anyone who wants to use it c: ” for some reason this is my most popular post?

I never had a favorite Pokémon before...but now it's mimikyu

I haven't drawn Pokemon in a long time, but after seeing Mimikyuu I had to draw it with a bunch of spooky Poké-friends.

gengar pokemon costume

Gengar Pokemon Costume

First, a toast to my inspiration and rooting section, C. This is Pokemon Halloween less complex than last year's Kyogre, but a new structural.