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Way to funny Shout out for the girl riding the bay in a bosal

George Morris.  A legend in his own time.

Less than 1 week until the start of the 2015 George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions start! To celebrate, HorseNation has made up a Holiday Jingle!

George Morris quote; 'Don't copy the people you ride against. You have to do better'

He is the biggest&most helpful herk in the horsr world eith some really great quotes. He is George Morris.

George Morris is every Equestrians Idol!

George Morris is every Equestrians Idol! And hey he was a pretty amazing athlete in his prime, and still somehow can make riding look effortless when he hops on a horse at a clinic.

George Morris: Dressage Is the Basis. I've always agreed with this. #showjumping #coaching #training

George Morris: Dressage Is the Basis. My mom always taught me this. Dressage is the basics. If you cannot successfully complete a training level dressage test, you have no right being in a jumping ring.

ha ha...George Morris

Ask the Ringmaster: Shiny Boots

good ol' george morris at his finest.

We all know Uncle George says the darndest things, as evidenced by his guest appearances in Bad Jumping Clinic and the little nuggets of wisdom he delivers while teaching. Here’s a look at some things George