[ FC:: THE CUTEST THING IN EXISTENCE ] "'Ello there, friend. My name is Levi. I'm a musician from London, England."

Gerard Way’s Astrological Profile

Hey I am Gerard way and I am single and Bisexaul I am a teacher and I sing for a band called My Chemical Romance I'm an artist and I can be sassy but I am really nice and I don't like volience anyway come say hi!

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way <<<<is his hair blue? It looks like it and I've seen this pic many times but don't remember him ever dying it blue

am i the only one thats freaking out because its blonde haired gerard like thats for filling a prophecy right there

Gerard Way I love you! Not in a creepy "cougar" way but in a "thank you for putting my feelings & emotions into your songs" way!<<<<<i love you in the gerard way lol

How am I just now finding these?!? These are beautiful :')

Gerard Way. I don't like it when people smoke, but boy, Gerard makes smoking look HOT; Bitch, gerard way makes everything look hot.

Gerard Way definitely has a Sinter-ish look going on, and of course can do a thousand and one great things with eye makeup

Killjoys make some noise for the hotness that is Gerard Way. Love you forever MCR!