HR Giger alien head iN German film museum 2009

© Copyright by H. GigerAlien head close-up on Exhibit at the German Film Museum, Frankfurt, © Matthias Belz

Ганс Руди Гигер: Drawing for Sil Metamorphosis of Sil's Side

Hans Rüdi Giger: Drawing for Sil Metamorphosis of Sil's Side

An image of the alien, reference for spectre concepts - A.M.

Dozens of Alien Pre-Production Art and Behind the Scenes Photos

Visionary ‘Alien’ Designer H. Giger has died today - RIP Mister Hans Ruedi Giger, thank you for your amazing work which has inspired the whole universe of one of my favorite movie, Alien

alien statue by h.r. giger - H.R. Giger has some amazing artwork.

H.R. Giger... diseñador de Alien (entre otras cosas)

Hans Ruedi Giger Official Website - not into a lot of movie monsters but do have a weakness for the Alien

H. R. Giger alien face hugger

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