Glitter walls border & black carpet

Not the glitter. But the placement of the mirror and the photos for the pin

the staircase at the Swarovski store in Paris... I don't see why I can't have an exact replica in my own home someday...

Swarovski crystal staircase, Champs Elysee, France - WOW - surely this stairway must lead to Heaven

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Swarovski Crystal Staircases on the MSC Fantasia. GASP and SWOON! I can soooooo see me sashaying down this sparkling staircase!


ONE AT A TIME.Crystal Staircase at the Swarovski store in Paris. Crystal beads glitter on these steps.

Swarovski Stairs- I don't think I would ever have these in my house but they are FABULOUS!!!

Swarovski Stairs- I have a seriously sick obsession with sparkly things. These would be AMAZING! I want these stairs!