Gloria Grahame, 1923 -1981. 57; actress. Biography Suicide Blonde by Vincent Curcio 1989.

"The Big Heat" with Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame, Yet another Fritz Lang masterpiece, this film contains all of the classic film noir elements but seems to point to the pervasive brutal realism of film and television from the century.

She won The Academy Award for her work in The Bad and the Beautiful (1952). She achieved her highest profile with Sudden Fear (1952), Human Desire (1953), The Big Heat (1953), and Oklahoma! (1955), but her film career began to wane soon afterwards.  She returned to work on the stage, but continued to appear in films and television productions, usually in supporting roles.

I love this photo of Gloria Grahame, looking bored. From Man on a Tightrope. I'm thinking about revisiting Grahame in two of her best .

15 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Won't Believe

15 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Won't Believe

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DIE SIEGER - Gloria Grahame gewann den Oscar für die beste Nebendarstellerin Stadt der Illusionen im Jahr 1952.

When the Oscars Turned Twenty-Five

1953 - Gloria Grahame won Best Supporting Actress Oscar in "The Bad and the Beautiful" - same year the Oscars turned 25 & was televised for the first time / The New Yorker

Gloria Grahame, 1940’s

Gloria Grahame (November 1923 – October was an American film and television actress. Grahame made her film debut in "Blonde Fever" in 1944 and then