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A day spent binging a favourite show of mine or rewatching one of my favourite movie in my fluffies is something I absolutely love. So chilled, and accompanied by food and company is even better

In the passage it says "First, I told her my secret about B. and she laughed and said how far ahead i am". Maria pg. 123, she says this because she tells about her secret kissing a girl and her sister thinks she's gotten ahead of her and she was being a little promiscuous.

An Open Letter to My (Ex) Best Friend

Gossip Girls Blair and Serena. You know you love me, xoxo gossip girl…

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7 Séries para assistir no Netflix para quem é apaixonado por moda!

7 séries do netflix pra quem ama moda

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Seriously 😂There is this boy who always gets on my nerves, and I would just smile and laugh, but after the first week of school I couldn't even pretend.