Goth men

Punk Rave Punk Goth Men's Coat, £119.99

Punk Rave Punk Goth Men's Coat, i would wear this for a vampire hunter costume just need a steak and cross

Chad Heger - Victorian or Edwardian styled gothic - goth men

Goth guy (Chad Heger) when i was old this would of been what my dream guy would look like. Funny, i still find him hella hot.

Claudinei Moura

Nastya Raat on

Claudinei Moura (Newt is gonna beg him to recreate this look for a video)

Well, hi there. *___*

Important Story Character, Master Vampire, 800 to years old, human history known only to him, and human birth name known only to him

IVAN Chang - Vintage Overcoat, Vintage Leatherjacket, Allsaints Sweater, Allsaints Boots, Asos Superskinnyjeans - 161215 TODAY STYLE

Vintage Overcoat, Vintage Leatherjacket, All Saints Sweater, All Saints Boots, Asos Superskinnyjeans