Hmm. The more I research the more I'm learning about alienation, grandparents rights and abuse. Lots of good information.

The more I research the more I'm learning about alienation, grandparents rights and abuse.

Im accustomed to abuse. Sadly, this pain tops it all. Maybe I was perfect. But I did the best I could with what I had, and ALONE mind you. That baby loves me, and what youre doing is wrong. Under yourvpride5ans closed mindedness is the reality of that. Gramma loves you babygirl!!!


There are parents across America whose constitutional rights to their children have been deprived by state action, under color of law. This has been a collective, nationwide violation, extending fr…

Grandparents Rights. Every divorce parent needs to realize the damage they can do to a child, by not letting them be a part of their grandparent's lives

So thankful that my boys get enough 'grandparent' love and attention from my parents and grandparents. No child should be denied the right to know their grandparents unless it would cause them emotional/mental/physical harm.

Your children deserve what you had...acess to all their family members despite your agenda!  It is your issue not theirs!

Bryan, remember your closeness to my parents? You shared a special bond with your grandparents. Why not let your children share that with their Nanny?

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Fathers rights

Parental Alienation --- do not deprive your child of "half" of their being.including Grandparents and other extended family

How to Cope With Losing Contact With Grandchildren

Losing contact with grandchildren exacts an emotional toll on grandparents. Recognize the emotions common to estranged grandparents and learn how to cope.

Grandparents Rights-And more importantly CHILDREN'S RIGHTS!!

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Grandparents Rights Package

Everything Grandparents need to know about their legal rights in seeking custody or visitation of their grandchildren. Includes the legal forms for filing for visitation or custody.

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People use use children as weapons to hurt others are emotionally immature. The only valid and legitimate reason for any kind of alienation is if the person is being abusive to the child or the childs life is being endangered. Any sort of anger or disagre

so freaking true stop using my girls as a weapon Nana will see you both very soon I promise you that much

So true--you punish your parents for your behavior--Don't you think by keeping your child from grandparents--is hurting your child? of course-- its called abuse.