Vertical Forests: 2 Lush Urban Towers Support 16,000 Plants

Vertical Forests: 2 Lush Urban Towers Support 16,000 Plants

Prismacolor Color Wheel

Prismacolor Color Wheel--love this one because it illustrates the corresponding hues. This was created by Janet Bionda.

Keep your home clean and sanitized without using harsh chemical cleaning products. | Pass One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning | (618) 997-6471 |

Keep your home clean and sanitised without using harsh chemical cleaning products

The Green News (@The_Green_News) | Twitter

Learn and compare how much an eighth of weed weighs compared to a gram, quarter, half ounce, and ounce with this helpful guide from Medical Jane.

i had the most lovely gal from the pond blog email me last week to share this infographic with me that she made on saving water. it covers the surprising amounts of water that we use each day, and outlines ways that we can reduce our water consumption. this subject is near and dear to my heart, and is one of the reasons i became a vegan. it only takes about 39 gallons of water to produce a pound of vegetables whereas it takes 1850-2500 gallons to produce 1lb of beef! even if your change is…

ways to save water

Water Usage: Some Startling Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] - I particularly like the advice to replace milk with beer.

Eva Green News

Eva Green News

Matcha Green Tea health Benefits Infographic. Get your matcha at:

Does Matcha help you lose weight? - Kenko Tea

Does Matcha Green Tea help you Lose weight and burn fat? We researched the scientific evidence behind this claim and compiled the FACTS.

Breaking Green News

Breaking Green News This Week

Breaking Green News: cancer linked ingredients in beauty products are going to be phased out by corporate giant Proctor & Gamble!

underground green house

How To Build an Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse - Natural Health

Eva Green News

Eva Green being shy & cute at the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’ New York Premiere

Directions for using a green screen to create classroom movies. LOVE this idea!

Summer Fun Movie How to easily use green screen technology in your class. FOR FREE (just need green butcher paper and iMovie) This is a great tutorial!