“El ojo eterno” (1950). Obra de Grete Stern (1904-1999). “The eternal eye” (1950). Work by Grete Stern (1904-1999).

Grete Stern The Eternal Eye, around 1950 Photomontage on gelatin silver paper, x cm photo: Christian P. Schmieder, Munich © Estate of Grete Stern courtesy Galería Jorge Mara − La Ruche,.

Los sueños de realizaciones futuras.

grete stern, incredible german jew who fled to argentina. i have seen some of her work, love the "dreams" photo series she did for a womens mag. not only is it precise photography and technique, it's incredibly creative.

Grete Stern, Los sueños de espejo (Mirror Dreams)

GRETE STERN: "From 1948 to Stern was hired by a womens’ magazine to “illustrate” the dreams that readers of the magazine (mostly Argentine housewives) submitted.

Grete Stern | Mírame y sé color

Grete Stern

Grete Stern, Dreams (Sueños), Photomontages © 2015 Estate of Horacio Coppola. Stern did study at the bauhaus, opened a pioneering photo studio ringl + pit and fled Nazi Germany in

Grete Stern

The Dream Life of Grete Stern

Grete Stern, Sueno 35, 1949 from Light of Modernity in Buenos Aires 1929-54 [featuring also Annemarie Heinrich]

via billyjane: Grete Stern, Sueno 1949 from Light of Modernity in Buenos Aires [featuring also Annemarie Heinrich] currently on view at Nailya Alexander Gallery [October January thanks to La Lettre

Grete Stern (1904-1999)

Grete Stern's Collage Photography

Grete Stern

Herbert Matter - Harper’s Bazaar cautioned shopper’s not to lose their heads to fashion in this shot, 1939

Articulos electricos para el hogar - Grete Stern, 1950 - Photomontage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grete Stern: Sueño No. “Articulos eléctricos para el hogar” (Dream No. “Electrical Appliances for the Home”), ca. 1950 Created to accompany a magazine column in which a psychologist analyzed readers’ dreams