truth. this is why you have a large group of "friends" and an extremely small group of "best friends".

Yup this is such an awesome thing when you know all the dirty truths and the dummies think they are lying really well.

Thanks @baumana25!!!! This describes our group of friends perfectly!

“Love this Quote ! "You can't do Epic Shit with Basic People" - unknown”

Top 20 Funny Quotes about girls

Top 20 Funny Quotes about girls

Funny how some of these people have changed but my two that have remained.

May not be a group large in quantity, but they chosen few are immeasurable in worth.

Yes!! This is how I lived always...small circle of invaluable friends. I've started to live this way again and it feels wonderful!!

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Your Circle of Friends: Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increase in value.… Cut out fake friends but always keep the genuine true friends in your life.

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"There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little better". Inspirational and motivational picture quote - law of attraction/people buy people.

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Hahahahahah jk I love yall ;) wait no. I'm not jk But I do love yall Hahahahahahaha Andrew, Spencer, Caroline, and Ella

Best Funniest Friendship quotes collection #Friend

Top Funny Best Friend Quotes collection

I'm not too addicted, but I love when I'm with a group of people and they don't touch their phones (except for the occiasional conversation-relevant google search).

"I love hanging out with people that make me forget to look at my phone." Especially, when they don't keep going on their phone when I'm with them.