Not many people know about Guangzhou and even fewer visit it. Read about the best places to see to experience this Chinese megacity! If you are travelling China, Guangzhou is a must!

What to do in Guangzhou from lush parks to skyscrapers to dingy alleys to buddhist temples.

40 Amazing, cheap and Fun things to do in Guangzhou, China

40 Fun Things to do in Guangzhou, China

When I was visiting China, I wasn't even aware of all the fun things to do in Guangzhou and decided to check it out simply because it was a free stopover.

Canton Orchid garden, Guangzhou, China  (via  TrekEarth)

Canton Orchid garden, Guangzhou, China (via TrekEarth). Join the SOYK project, our secret boards take/launch your first geocaching challenge.

Rooftop observatory of the Canton Tower. Guangzhou, China <3

World's tallest 'Ferris wheel' opens on top of Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China. Dare to take the challenge?

China travel tips: the things to know before traveling to China via @earthtrekkers

China Travel Tips: Things To Know Before Traveling to China

China Travel Tips: The things you need to know before going to China. Get a VPN, bring your own toilet paper, learn basic Mandarin. Keep reading for more China travel advice.

Canton Tower Bubble Pods, Guangzhou, China

Get your daily dose of outstanding travel photos. Today: Rotating pods atop Canton Tower in Guangzhou give riders a breathtaking view of one of the world's most populous cities.

Travel to Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou the City by the Pearl Delta

Guangzhou the City by the Pearl Delta Pack-up your bags and head to Guangzhou. There is always something magical about this city which makes it among the favourite Chinese destinations for tourists.