"Satan speaks with Sin and Death: 'Paradise Lost'", Illustration by Paul Gustave Dorè.

"In my midlife, I found myself in the middle of a dark forest" by Gustave Dore (1832-1883)

"In my midlife, I found myself in the middle of a dark forest," Divine Comedy, Inferno, illustrated by Gustave Doré -

I don't know if I've ever read any other books with so many layers as Dante's Divine Comedy! (And no, it doesn't count if you only read Inferno. The best comes later)

c1880 Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy Gustave Dore Vision Purgatory Paradise

White Rose by Gustave Dore (Illustration for Dante's Paradise). I read Dante every night before bed. It's a banquet for the mind eyes and soul, I truly enjoy it.

The Ice was All Around - from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - by Gustave Dore (Jonnard, engraver)

The ice was here, the ice was there. The ice was all around - Paul Gustave Dore "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

Gustave Dore  - Paradise Lost---Dore is one of my favorite illustrators, hands down.

DORÉ, Gustave Satan descends upon Earth (Illustration for John Milton’s Paradise Lost) 1866 Engraving Ed. Ed.

La vision des ossements desséchés – Gustave Doré (Détail, 1865) #undead #skeletons

“ Gustave Dore ~”The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones”, 1866 ”

DORÉ, Gustave (1832-1883) An Angel Appears to Balaam (Num 23:15-35), (detail, inv.) 1866 Engraving

nigra-lux: “ DORÉ, Gustave An Angel Appears to Balaam (Num (detail, inv.) 1866 Engraving Ed.

And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him

“Destruction of Leviathan” 1865 engraving by Gustave Doré for Paradise Lost

Gustav Dore | The Fourth Horseman: Death.

Death on the Pale Horse Fuck Yeah: Paul Gustave Dore Art Essay -

Gustave Dore - Dante My distant relative is Gustave Dore, he illustrated many pictures in books including the bible and the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe ~Michele Dore-Cannon

c1880 Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy Gustave Dore Vision Purgatory Paradise

Dore's scenes for lighting and dramatic mood. The Inferno, Canto 10 (Gustave Dore' Illustration)

Satan holds a meeting for his legions of demons inside the enormous palace called Pandaemonium, the Capitol of Hell. Illustrated by Gustave Dore.

Paul Gustave Doré, Paradise Lost - Satan takes his throne in Hell

A’bhiolair uain…

A’bhiolair uain… Paul Gustave Doré (b. 1832 Jan6 - 1888 Jan23, d. @56) French Romanticism artist / illustrator / sculptor / engraver (mostly wood steel)

1845 Ultimate Leather Dante's Vision/The Divine Comedy 6Vol Library Collection

Gustave Dore - Milton's Paradise Lost: Hell at last, Yawning, received them…

Gustave Doré - "Jacob luttant avec l'Ange" (1866) - Illustration de la Bible, Ancien Testament, Livre de la Genèse 32:24.

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel Artist: Gustave Dore Completion Date: 1866

Dore created many illustrations for The Idylls of the King, a set of twelve poems by the English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The poems retell the story of King Arthur and his knights, the rise and fall of his kingdom, and his love for Guinevere, and her subsequent betrayal of him. Tennyson’s retelling of the Arthur legends was a commentary on the Victorian Era of the times in which he lived, and it was a very popular literary theme during Dore’s lifetime. The cycle of narrative poems were…

/// Camelot, engraving by Gustave Doré to illustrate the Arthurian poems in Idylls of the King, by Lord Alfred Tennyson,