Guy Martin's Volvo car  Seriously fast .... a real 'wolf in sheep's clothing'... very cool!

Guy Martin claims his Volvo is the fastest car in Britain

TV host and racing driver Guy Martin has claimed his 1967 Volvo is the fastest car in the UK

Guy Martin at the Isle of Man TT! Check it out if you don't know about the TT…

Guy Martin showing off his skill, fantastic rider superb control.

We are here for a good time..only..

Straight home from China, straight into another challenge. His Fiancée is super awesome too, don't ever forget his amazing support. She works damn hard behind the scenes for him.

Guy Martin at the TT. Makes the Ring look like a driver training circuit.  Guy Martin racing on the edge ...... as usual!

More than just wine: Isle of Man TT circuit with Guy Martin anybody?

GUY MARTIN spanner head

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Guy Martin, Isle of Man TT. When these guys top 195 on country roads the helicopters fall away.

Here you will find a range of picture from the world famous Isle of Man TT Races