vrschikasana scorpion yoga pose  wow.. could make a cool drawing

I will practice yoga everyday--even if it's just for 10 minutes. I will be more flexible, stable, and strong. I will manifest the power of NOW.

#Splitting. It's happening.

20 Breathtaking Shots of Splits In The Wild

Speechless yoga pose smartypantsvitamins.com


BFF poses

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This shot honestly amazed me because it doesn't look anything like 2 humans. Their arms look so flimsy and graceful its surreal.

I really really would like to do these poses with my bestfriend ♥

awesome bff pictures Hinds-Hergenreter Hinds-Hergenreter Hinds-Hergenreter Bradley-Caitlin Matthews BEACH THIS SUMMER! we need to do this!

Bird of Paradise Pose...the next step. Other than passing the bar and prepping for OCS, this is my goal for Summer 2015 ;)

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