These cleats are NSYNC, Bi Bi Bi!    Haha! Love it

These cleats are NSYNC, Bi Bi Bi! Haha! Love it

haha i love the toxic one!! Products Teen Boy Bedroom - page 28

Humor Hamper - Give laundry a sense of humor with these whimsical bags from PBteen that might provide an incentive to put dirty laundry in its place.

What do you think? ‪#‎cycling‬ #liveit #fridayfunny

So true. No time outs or stopping the clock. Just pain and determination till the end.

La verdad mas verdadera del mundo

Watching south american football<<<< it's true tho I'm Colombian and I hear it all the time

This is what happens to boring

20 Things That Will Make You Say NOOOOOOO! This gif. I about died. That guy isn't even paying attention and her getting hit in the head scares the shit out of him.

That's Right

CrossFit sweat shirt- I seriously want this sweater soooooo bad! I already look good so I train to kick ass!

Called "Under the Weather"... a portable "tent" that pops up and fits over your chair!  Perfect for the ball field!

Under The Weather Outdoor Sport Tailgate Folding Pop Up Portable Viewing Tent in Sporting Goods, Outdoor Sports, Camping & Hiking