This needs no word's to describe it. Hydra I hate you, Hydra scum!!!!

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hail hydra meme yoda

I thought hail hydra in yoda-speak would be more like "Hydra, hail it i do"

Hail HYDRA meme sesame street

A silly moment in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' spurred the creation of the 'Hail HYDRA' meme. We've collected the funniest ones here.

And here's the extended edition. >> where do I even pin this????

And here's the extended edition.

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Meme Watch: ‘Hail HYDRA’ Is The Perfect Response To ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Hail HYDRA meme supernatural

Dean Winchester, his dad is telling him he might have to kill Sammy someday. When Deans main purpose in life has always been to protect Sammy and to think that John told him to kill him if things went bad SUCKS