Affordable House Halloween Decorations

26 Stunning House Halloween Decorations Ideas

The front porch is the perfect area for spooking the kids. Consider some affordable spooky Halloween porch decoration ideas to prepare for the holiday!

Halloween Clown Decorations

Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations

IT's Pennywise the scary clown porch! Hell Mouth cut from MDF board and & painted! Tongue is a strip of rug.

Ghost Girl On Stairs Halloween Decorations

26 Ghosts Halloween Decorations Ideas

Use a mannequin or a sewing form with a styrofoam wig head covered with dark fabric. Drape in tulle or gauze positioned at the top of the stairs, to keep guests going upstairs during Halloween Party.

Give passers by a real fright with ghastly figures from your favorite horror movies perched in the window. Make the illusion complete with sheer drapes behind and colored lighting in red shining on the character.

12 Truly Terrifying Ways to Decorate Your Windows for Halloween

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Zombie props for a gruesome and gory zombie party! Find more zombie party ideas at

Zombie Party Ideas

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DIY spooky mirror, possible use in Haunted House, easy to change out images to match the year's theme. Description from I searched for this on

Front porch idea or great idea for haunted house. the real trick is to have a false wall that someone stands behind, reaching an arm through. Grab at (dont touch!( guests as they pass through.