The #Lavender Embroidery Kit is a great way to practice your lazy #daisy stitches  It's a really fun stitch made by anchoring a small loop of thread on to your fabric  #flowers #wildflowers #boho

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The flower embroidery days - learn to embroider flowers with step-by-step photo tutorials

The flower embroidery days

Simple and easy with this tutorial.

Embroidered Flowers With French Knot Centers

Marigold + Mars

Marigold + Mars' Blooms and Hand-Lettered Embroideries

Marigold + Mars' Blooms and Hand-Lettered Embroideries Marigold + Mars is hand embroidery by Cristin Morgan. Her colorful hoop art is centered around lettering and flowers, often combining them into one piece.

Vancouver-based artist Caitlin Benson (of Cinder & Honey) embroiders vintage-inspired flowers that will last a lifetime. Before reaching for her embroidery hoop, the designer always starts with a sketch on paper, which undergoes several revisions before Benson begins preparing her needle and thread. Once this initial stage is complete, the creative breathes life into her idea as she transforms a stretch of fabric with her vibrant supplies. While these floral concepts may vary in color…

Delicate Hoop Art Embroidery Blossoming with Floral Motifs

Hand embroidery, displayed in same-finish wooden hoops. How to display embroidery // Embroidery inspiration // Floral embroidery