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How to Transfer an Embroidery Design onto Fabric video tutorial - Method 1

How to Transfer a Hand Embroidery Design onto Fabric - Method 1

How to transfer a hand embroidery design onto fabric using a simple low cost method step by step in a video tutorial. Perfect for beginners.

I ❤ embroidery . .  Video Tutorial for Bullion Knots! The bullion knot – sometimes, the name strikes fear in the embroiderer’s heart! But it shouldn’t be so. With a little practice, bullion knots are actually pretty easy. There are a few tricks to making them even easier for you, so I’ll talk about those tricks below, and in the video, I’ll show you how I make bullions. It’s a little different from the way you’ll see them diagrammed in books, but I think it’s a lot easier.

Video Tutorial for Bullion Knots!

The Bullion Knot used in Hand Embroidery. For more information on the bullion knot and other hand embroidery stitches, visit Needle 'n Thread: www.

Woven Picot Tutorial

Woven Picot – another Embroidery Video Tutorial

Woven Picot used in Hand Embroidery. For more information on using the Woven Picot and other hand embroidery stitches, visit Needle 'n Thread: www.

I ❤ embroidery . . . Video Tutorial: Knotted Diamond Stitch~ The knotted diamond stitch makes a decorative band of diamond shapes between two parallel lines. It can be worked horizontally or vertically. It would make a great seam treatment in crazy quilting, it could be used as an edge treatment on a towel, or for lines in band samplers.

Video Tutorial: Knotted Diamond Stitch

Embroidery Basics - How to Embroider. Learn several basic stitches. Clear demonstrations!

DIY-CRAFT-HOWTO Learn how to embroider with, renowned author and DMC designer, Kristin Jankowicz-Shrock as she teaches you the fundamentals of embroidery.

I ❤ embroidery . . . Split Stitch Video Tutorial~ A basic embroidery stitch. It’s a simple stitch in concept; difficulty with the stitch usually comes from the splitting of the stitch from underneath. Some threads are easier to split from underneath than others. I think floche and wool are about the easiest threads to use for split stitch. But regular stranded cotton, stranded silk, twisted filament silk, perle cottons and silks are all fair game for split stitch.

Split Stitch Video Tutorial for Hand Embroidery

Essential hand embroidery supplies for beginners - hand embroidery for beginners series

6 Essential Hand Embroidery Supplies for Beginners

Here's a list of essential hand embroidery supplies which I think are great for beginners to start with when first getting started with hand embroidery.