How to hang plates on a wall to create an eye catching look - So pretty!

How to hang plates on a wall to create an eye-catching look

DIY::Ways to use decorative plates as wall art!( Plus a tutorial to make frames for any size plate or platter)! for my future plate collection

Hang plates with invisible hanger                                                                                                                                                      More

How to Decorate with Plates on a Wall

The CHEAP way to hang plates with an invisible hanger! Pretty Purple Treasures: Making a Plate Wall This would look good in the dining area.

How to hang plates the inexpensive way- also a good thrifting and re-purposing blog

Cheap Invisible Plate Hangers I wanted invisible plate hangers for my plate wall but I was not willing to spend a few dollars each for each hanger, so this.

For months I kept my beautiful new plates sitting in a cabinet where they weren’t used or seen. And the big bare wall in my dining room? It stayed bare. Because honestly the whole idea of designing and hanging a decorative plate wall intimidated me. But last month I finally did it  – I hauled my plates out of the cabinet…  and hung them up on our dining room wall: The trickiest part was figuring out the how-tos of hanging the plates so I thought I’d share what worked best for me, what’s…

The Easy How-to for Hanging Plates on the Wall

Great tips on how to decorate with plates on a wall, how to hang plates on a wall, invisible plate hangers, and how to arrange plates.

Michelle, I love this example of a decorative Plate Wall for your DR. Great balance of colored plates with subtle white on white patterns as well.

A New Decorative Plate Wall in Our Dining Room

Blue and White Hanging Plate decor

15 Decor Ideas from Grandma's House That Should Have Never Gone Out of Style

Decorative Plate Display: Display your prized plates, just like Grandma did in her farmhouse.

Hanging a collection of Plates/Dishes up on the Wall | Fred Gonsowski Garden Home  I LIKE this blog. Lots of interior decorating information ("rules").

Some ideas for grouping plates. this whole site a gold mine of design principles

Love the juxtaposition with a modern room.  FROM: Plates on wall by

Hello, I'm Hanne from Belgium and this is my upcycling project : Talloor (Dutch for plate). I collect plates and sell them as decoration for your wall.