Had to repost this BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY

Whose Birthday?

Lovely Birthday Corgi by CharmArt Studio

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Alert and Affectionate – Pup Home

Corgi Birthday Card                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Our “Shorty Birthday” card is lovingly handcrafted in the Philippines by women survivors of sex trafficking. The card incorporates a variety of handmade, recycled papers, making it environmentally sustainable, too.

Happy Birthday Corgi Pup in a silly, clown outfit.  Super cute.

Amazing Epic Birthday Dog / clowning around birthday dog costume dog Halloween costume corgi

Go Shorty Birthday Corgi Dog Greeting Card

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Happy Birthday to my country girl, may God bless you and your life! I'll never forget you or this day but this will probably be your last happy birthday from me.

Dogs saying happy birthday song

Dogs saying happy birthday song