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It's Not How Big The House Is It's How Happy The Home Is love quotes family quote home family quote family quotes

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. Emphasis on PRAYED not wished. :)

This is so true. I am often astonished by the many blessings from God that I never asked for, yet yearned for them in my heart. God truly knows every detail of your life and gives to us freely. Be grateful for the little things. God loves you!

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Top 30 Best Quotes about Family

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This qoute hits home, my son has been treated different over the years because he's not blood! Adults need to grow up! My son deserves love even though he's not your blood, he's been apart of your life and family for over 12 years!

And you have cracks so big it makes the Grand Canyon look like a rain drop

And you have cracks so big it makes the Grand Canyon look like a rain drop

50+ Incredible Inspirational Quotes

50+ Incredible Inspirational Quotes

Yes. I know it's hard but it really is a choice even when life stinks. But please try to choose happiness because the people who love you also want you to be happy.

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happiness is homemade. Don't let someone else define your mood. Choose to be happy!

Not a surprise to him, since he told your parents and regardless of whether you and your family attend matters not...we may just elope, why deal with hateful, disrespectful fake family(we both can do without that). We are plenty happy without the drama ya'll provide!

Love quote idea - wedding vow idea "Here's to love and laugher and happily ever after" {Courtesy of Kooziez}

Today I'm Channelling Michelle Obama

Just do what works for you, because there will always be someone who thinks differently // Michelle Obama quote

Definitely the case for things or people that don't contribute to my family's happiness, wellbeing or my bank account.

And lived with cellulite and frumpy body with her fat bald stringy haired thing

What does family mean to you?

In this day & age, blood does not make you family! The people that share your blood, are usually the ones to hurt you the most! I have my family that are full with the people that I became friends first!