Learn the basics of Hardanger embroidery with this pretty blue and green Hardanger panel. When finished, the panel could be applied to a bag or a book cover, or made into a pincushion, biscornu, doily, sachet or needle book. Each of the stitches will be taught, so absolute beginners are completely catered for, though it will probably help if you have some counted stitching experience.

Blue green beginners Hardanger panel pattern designed by Yvette Stanton. This pattern was designed specifically to teach Hardanger to beginners. When you go to the linked page you'll see a sample of the detailed step-by-step instructions.

Learn hardanger embroidery in easy step-by-step stages

Let us help you learn hardanger embroidery step by step. Stitch our free hardanger patterns with full instructions with this series of lessons

Hardanger House

This concept would be fun to do with each window having a small photo of ancestors. and the house being a BIT larger so you could have a sort of "family tree' in the form of a house.

Tutorial on Hardanger embroidery - part of our hand embroidery series

Learn how to do hardanger embroidery - part of our series on hand embroidery by Little Miss Fancy Frocks.

Hardanger embroidery. - YouTube

This video is about experimenting with the hardanger embroidery technique using a small kit. I show how to read the hardanger pattern and show some basic har.

Hardanger embroidery tutorial, drawn thread, Kloster, crosstitch

Hardanger embroidery tutorial, drawn thread, Kloster, crosstitch

hardanger embroidery

I've finally finished stitching the Hardanger Heart. I had found the design in an old 'Classic Stitches' magazine. It's a Thea Dueck desi.

See the pretty Legado (Hardanger embroidery) at Nordic Needle

Nordic Needle is a global supplier of embroidery supplies with a mission to preserve heritage embroidery techniques through education and promotion so that generations to come will be able to enjoy the cultural significance and joy of needlework.

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I would use either pearls or round beads, in place of the delicas.

hardanger patterns free | Hardanger Patterns *begli schemi anche se un pò scuri *

hardanger patterns free | Hardanger Patterns *begli schemi anche se un pò scuri *