OMG I so want to spend a weekend in one of those Harry Potter/ Hogwarts resorts in Europe

25 Jokes That Only True Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

hand lightening Lord Voldemort someone who has no conscience, no remorse, and unwillingness to change in order to save himself. A true evil being. Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Movie

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I wonder how angry Severus would get if Donkey annoyed him. Probably even more irritated than when Donkey first met Shrek.

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17 Harry Potter Memes to Nerd Out On

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10 Funny Harry Potter Pics for Today

Lololollooloooo l striped sweater! The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.

These memes turn the drama of Harry Potter into a comedy!

Funny pictures about Someone is watching us. Oh, and cool pics about Someone is watching us. Also, Someone is watching us.

Oh my gosh he never grew up

Funny pictures about Like a teenage girl. Oh, and cool pics about Like a teenage girl. Also, Like a teenage girl photos.

25 Funny Harry Potter Quotes #Harry Potter Quotes #Funny He did it wrong (read the last book)

25 Funny Harry Potter Quotes

I don't understand why the tub and toilet are full of things and children. Don't they know that the Ministry isn't entered through just any toilet?

||@snazzysoul || Definitely not a HermionexRon can but I love their interactions

They're so good together. It's funny cuz it fits with the pics cuz Ron's interrupting her