Aliens Love Underpants Activities and Crafts - Crafts on Sea

Aliens Love Underpants Activities and Crafts

Create an alien headband craft with paper, sparkly pipe cleaners, sticky back sparkly foam, googly eyes and use it as a pretend play prop.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Headband via Libraryland.

After reading 'The Hungry Caterpillar' the children can make these to wear before they have their lunch break.

How to use a fork to make a bow - Make cute bows quickly with these step-by-step instructions for wrapping the ribbon around a fork to make perfect little bows!

Use A Fork - To Make A Bow

Use a fork to make a bow--Dinner fork perfect for doll cloths!

Bear headband craft and activity for preschool and kindergarten

Small group activity Objective: Given construction paper all the students will make a bear strip that all look the same to use in class Goal: Developing fine motor skills

Spider Headband Craft to use with spider theme, Halloween activities, letter S activities, or the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Spider Headband Craft

Super Easy and Fun Alien Headbands

Chenille Stem Craft Ideas

These fun and funky alien headband are made from simple everyday craft items. Youngsters can create their own special alien …

Dog Ear Headband Craft--make with red paper for Clifford?

Dog Ears Headband Craft

Quill feathers are perfect for making Native American Indian Headdresses with kids.

Kids craft for while Thanksgiving dinner is cooking! Prepare the headbands ahead of time, then let the kids adorn them with feathers and decorate with stickers and/or embelishments! How fun!

Egyptian Headband Craft

Dress up like ancient Egyptian royalty by making your own paper Egyptian headband.

kids Indian headband from paper | Craft two or more paper feathers and glue them on one side of your ...

Through creating the native american headband activity, students will be able to individually identify the different aspects of a native american tribe.

DIY Gruffalo Inspired Mouse Costume Headband for Pretend Play and Learning: A Literacy Connection Educational Activity for Kids

DIY Gruffalo Inspired Mouse Costume Headband

This is an amazing homemade Mouse headband, perfect for acting out the story of The Gruffalo or The Gruffalo's Child!

Crab Headband Craft Kit

Have some under-the-sea fun anytime you please! Let your little ocean explorers create their own googly-eyed headwear with this Crab Headband Craft Kit.