Beauty Hacks Ideas : Super Easy Heatless Curls Tutorial! #Hacks

Beauty Hacks Ideas : Super Easy Heatless Curls Tutorial! #Hacks

Heatless "straw" curls...must try when i have a lot of free time.

In this video I show you how I get these bouncy soft curls using no heat. Flexi rods are a easy way to achieve beautiful curls on all hair types.

heatless curls - conair hair rods - 15$ at target or walmart

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Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial - takes about 30 min for long thick hair, 15 to 20 for medium hair I love this chick! She has so many tips and tricks for long thick-ish hair!

Lazy Girls Genius Heatless Curls Overnight Tutorial | #hairstyles

Genius way to curl your hair, with this lazy heatless curls overnight tutorial. Cute and easy hairstyles for long or medium hair lengths!

This tutorial is amazing, and unlike any heatless curls I've seen!

Caruso roller set on a blow out--love it! I spent hours on a roller set today only for it to look like a blowout. Looking for something to do for Monday morning!

Easy loose big curl hair tutorial.

Big Loose Curls

I have a nasty habit when I curl my hair I curl it too tightly. I want loose beachy waves and get ringlets instead.

- pin curls tutorial-this is what you guys will need to do to your hair Saturday am.

Love bouncy curls but hate hot roller and curling irons? This pin curl tutorial is for you! Here's how to create pin curls reminiscent of pin-up girls!