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Heavy Metal Rocker Babe - Iron Maiden rock n roll punk glam studs and spikes - Black leather tight pants jacket crop top Cool outfit

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Angela Gossow - Beautiful, talented, friendly, treats her fans with respect and doesn't mine signing autographs for 20 minutes and posing for selfies!

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Fernanda Lira, vocalist and bass player of NERVOSA. A thrash metal band from São Paulo, Brazil.

..pretty much. it's true... although sometimes it makes me mad, like u may think there all scremo and bad influences and goth/emo when really there lyrics are so inspiring. before you judge, listen to there music and see how the lyrics make u feel :<


Pretty much and sometimes it makes me angry that people think they're all scremo, bad influences, and goth/emo, when really their lyrics are so inspiring. Before you judge, listen to their music and see how the lyrics make you feel.

Iron Maiden Bodysuit

Iron Maiden Bodysuit

Custom made Iron Maiden Bodysuit Bodysuit. Suit is fully lined and professionally finished with serged seams.

Haha, this is going on my requirement list. My exes never listened to metal and it was more of a problem than I thought it would be.

Haha ^^ started a relationship with a guy last year i remember i was telling my best friend "i don't know, he doesn't listen to Metal. So it's impossible to have sex listening to Metal and i can't imagine it" now im with this friend and he loves Metal ;

Motley Crue Breaks up: 10 Style Tips Learned from the Heavy-Metal Band Fuck I laughed my ass off with this. Crueheads are the best

10 Style Tips Learned from Mötley Crüe

Metalhead Problem. #heavy #metal #girl

Especially a blonde girl that wears pink and flowers.but I really love death metal:)

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Doro Pesch, Queen of Metal , formerly front-woman of the heavy metal band Warlock