Fictional Birthday

(Source) (Source) Name: Hermione Granger Birthdate: September 1979 Sun Sign: Virgo, the Virgin Animal Sign: Earth Goat


Has anyone else noticed that proud, stuck up Bellatrix had the only ugly wand of the bunch. Maybe the wand chooses based on the heart!

Rose Weasley is outraged.  How can McGonagall expect her to tutor Sco… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

List of Harry Potter Spells. Most popular tags for this image include: potterhead, harry potter, hp, spells and wand This is so helpful to the Harry Potter Fandom

Harry Potter Cake!

I really get nervous when I have to make any kiddy themed cakes and when I was asked to make a Harry Potter themed cake with minimum Fondant ,I was in a fix .

Of course Emma gets it and Dan and Rupert don't

I love this. Emma looks so proud lol and embarrassed her idiots didn't know that<<<< Emma will always be the fandom's hermione