Hermione Granger's notable lines. It's hard to be a smart girl surrounded by Gryffindors.<<<<<Hermione Granger ladies and gentlemen XD

Are You More Hermione Granger Or Ginny Weasley?

Are You More Hermione Granger Or Ginny Weasley? You got: Hermione Granger Intellectual, passionate, and quite the fighter, you are more like Hermione Granger. You love to read, but you’re also active in your causes and community.

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Hermione Granger, ladies and gentlemen.btw the time i was a time lord.i cannot stop laughing.

The 28 Most Flawless Emma Watson Moments Of 2013

And this perfect reminder that we should all bow down to Hermione Granger, because she truly does not give a fuck.

~Hello Gorgeous~Because even though we all know Hermione loves rules, we should always remember that she knew how to break them like a boss:

I hate how Twilight fans are always like, "Omg, isn't Bella so much better than Hermione? Hermione is a nerd who has no life. Bella is the best!

Old enough to cross the road without holding hands? This is why I love them and Harry Potter

Just a city girl

Just a Weasley boy Born and raised down in the Burrow He took the Hogwarts train the going anywhere. Just a black haired boy, livin with a lighting scar, took the hogwarts train going anywhere.

young girls are told that they have to be the delicate princess. hermione taught them. that they can be the warrior- Emma Watson