Hetalia, Germany~ I know this is suppose to be a serious picture but it looks like Doitsu is dabbing XD

I can't imagine Germany being all okay with the fuss about the Aryan race in his country>>>>the feeels

Hetalia Germany | I adore this pic for some reason

After (Name) had a shower she bumped into Ludwig. GermanyXReader- Invaded by Ludwig

Hetalia+Germany | Hetalia: Germany Germany

axis powers hetalia belt blonde hair blue eyes germany (hetalia) gloves gun hat himaruya hidekazu holding holster looking at viewer machine gun male military military uniform necktie official art pants peaked cap rifle shaded face simple background so

He is still REALLY hot... Wait... DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT!!!? *hole face is red*

Hetalia Germany << Proof that he gets hotter with every new season.

Hetalia Germany. Beautiful art! :D

Ludwig in an Hussar uniform Parody of the cool Hetalia CD Jacket Illustrations I'm waiting to see a Germany CD Jacket! (soon lol) Hetalia belongs .

Hetalia_Germany and Prussia. Awww... Prussia is such a good big brother ^^<---Absolutely!

Prussia: "Germany, you WILL wear these ear muffs!" Me: "awwww wittle Germany needs earmuffs?" Germany: "NO!" Prussia: "YES!" (Prussia tackles Germany)(duck tapes earmuffs to head) Prussia: " YES you WILL.

Hetalia, Germany. He looks like a hot librarian. I'm all for books and Ludwig.

Day Character you wouldn't mind having as a maid/butler. He can clean, do paperwork and other stuff but he's also serious.

If it was the other way around it would be more believable, but this is still hilarious.

Italy: I like pasta Germany: *trying to think of how to impress Italy* Germany: