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Japan ~ *sigh* Why does everyone in this show have to be so freaking beautiful.

Hetalia- Japan as pikatchu

Japan in a pikachu Outfit<----Oh my gosh! This is adorable!

Aww poor Japon ! <<<Japon? New favorite typo<- Japon's the french version of Japan. Know your languages. And well, it is french after all...

Cameroon, Netherlands, Japan and Denmark, FIFA, Hetalia>>>>> Poor Japan's like "oh god these guys are all so big why are they all so big"

zerochan/Axis Powers: Hetalia/Japan/#1941618

zerochan/Axis Powers: Hetalia/Japan/ <-- Japan always gets the great fan art, rightfully so { AE }

Hetalia - Japan❤

Hetalia - Japan❤ Wait this was for 2018 so hetalia is still not dead?