Pretty nice, right? The cat gets some privacy, and the humans don't have to deal with a big, clunky litter box killing their decor vibe.
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Want to get an extra space for storage or have a nice home organization, at the same time keep your home looking good? One of the best options is to create some hideaway projects. Like these 25 awesome examples we shared with you. They still look good in appearance and serve purposes in storing or […]
Buy 2 or 3 plastic bins & drill holes one side then lift, sift & stack so the holes face the other direction - make it yourself with deep bins & create a top entry hole in the lid
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10 Ideas For Hiding Your Cats Litter Box // Don't sacrifice style for your cat's litter box. This modern looking cabinet will fit right into your home without looking like the dirty litter box it actually is.
10 Ideas For Hiding Your Cats Litter Box // Turn a cabinet into a contemporary place for your cat to do its business
60 Unbelievable under stairs storage space solutions  Love the doggie/cat or kid space under the steps!
The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door, Pet Door Hidden Litter Box.
One possible idea to hide a litter tray for a cat.  Link description:  "Ok so I love my cat dearly but I couldn't take the litter box being exposed in the kitchen any longer! Not only was it an eye sore it just seemed yucky, you know what I mean?  I searched online hig..."
LitterBoxFurniture *repurpose furniture for this*
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DIY Cat Litterbox
Simply Fun Stuff: How to Hide a Litter Box - except using cloth that blends in and both doors