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These really have a hip hop "street" look to them. These are specially great for a punk or gangsta look. Likewise, they also look

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fashion, style, style, hip hop, Tap photo to learn how to freestyle rap in less than 5 minutes need to find my old Tommy Jacket

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My model may wear some form of beanie hat (male or female) and mom jeans. Both these trends are quite vintage and from years ago that have come back. They fit in with the indie/grunge genre. I have both these things

Joyrich x Keith Haring FW13

For the Fall / Winter 2013 season, JOYRICH releases a capsule collection in collaboration with pop culture artist Keith Haring.

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Hip hop fashion- Adidas and puma are key brands in modern hip hop style but they are not new to the trained they gained popularity in the when hip hop first became popular. I like use of metallic gold on the cap Andalusia the style of the jeans.

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Get Rihanna’s Rebellious Fashion Look

When you shop to much for dance clothes instead of regular clothes so you wear last years recitals hip hop costume to school.

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