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Guess I better start learning some of this :): The Hockey Rules Infographic

Basic Rules to Hockey... check some out as the playoffs start.   Fellow Pinners! Please pin this and follow the Empowerment Zone 4 Kids page.  We created this campaign for a "social media for social work"  class - (less than 2 weeks left) and please help my group show the rest of the class the power of social media for good! Please and Thank You!

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - A Visual Guide

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - Visual Guide Grandma needs to carry a copy of this w/her to the games!

field Hockey<3 I need to show this to my parents so they can understand what is happening in the game

Olympics 2012 in infographics: ball games

HOCKEY RULES In thsi image we can see the rules to play hockey. This rules have to be respected to enjoy a hockey match

This is just an amazing picture!

“Helicopter Access Only Outdoor Rink on a 5300 FT high frozen glacier in British Columbia, Canada

Snoopy yells while sitting in a penalty box at a hockey game during an episode of Peanuts.

Rules for watching hockey (and football): If you're not yelling at the screen you're not really watching the game so please remove yourself.

Noctice: Rules for watching hockey: If youre not yelling at the screen youre not really watching the game so please remove yourself - WorkLAD - Banter, Funny Pics, Viral Videos

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I Can't Keep Calm When Hockey's On

This was me this past weekend....

This was me this past weekend....