Basic Rules to Hockey... check some out as the playoffs start. #hockey #chicagoblackhawks

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - A Visual Guide

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - Visual Guide Grandma needs to carry a copy of this w/her to the games!

I recently saw this picture on Pinterest. I couldn't follow the link very far, because I wasn't a member of, but I was inspired. Here's my idea: Set up: Make a box like this,...

target golf what a great indoor activity for kids! [ "target golf - indoor activity for kids", "Creative Indoor Activities For a Cold Winter Day - target

hockey-rules-infographic.gif (575×1524)

Guess I better start learning some of this :): The Hockey Rules Infographic

Ice Hockey Rules: Ice Hockey Rink

How Absolute Beginners Can Learn to Play Hockey

A collection of pictures and rink diagrams illustrating basic ice hockey rules.

Not a fan of chara or Crosby but it is kinda funny.

Crosby the crybaby [ "Not a fan of chara or Crosby but it is kinda funny. [ \"Not a Boston fan, but Crosby is a whiney baby\", \"Crosby - Sid The Crybaby.