how to give a parent tour

A parent tour can mean getting a new client and a parent picking another child care. Here's an EASY plan for giving a memorable parent tour.

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Home-corner poster rules for use as prompts for volunteers and students

Home-corner poster rules - Having a home center enables students to play with each other and enjoy learning so much from one another.

Great idea but wouldn't be quite like this! Just notify parents what fruit is offered durin snack!

A day in the life of a dayhome mom great site for ideas and play dough recipe with essential oils

A portable circle time binder-perfect for Childcare Providers short on space or home educators. Take a look inside!

A look inside the 2016/2017 Circle Time Binder

Home corner in Early Years setting

The dramatic play furniture is amazing! It has more variety than the centers I have been to, and I wish that I could have played with this when I was younger. I would decorate the DP area just like this.