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What not to chart. Also when something is puss filled dont write pussy.) thanks pat!

Off the Mark Comic Strip September 30 2015 on GoComics.com

New masks to make you feel at ease (? - "Off the Mark" by Mark Parisi; don't think it will catch on

... not ALL of them are patients.

You don't know how many truly crazy people there are in the world until you've worked in the medical field.

Nurse humor.

571 entries are tagged with nurse. nursing friendships are a different kind of love, like i'll ld the cheeks while you clean the crack kinda love!

IV tubing! Reminds me of putting 4+ spiked bags of chemo in a ziplock chemo bag!

Reminds me of putting spiked bags of chemo in a ziplock chemo bag!

Nurse humor.

Yeah,we're gonna to give shift CNA's all the work. so if you could just go ahead work it, that would be just great.

We all know the struggle. Pharmacy, everybody.

Just A Scientist — We all know the struggle.

It's the little things. I start the shift with a billion pens and at the end of the shift I'm lucky to have one! All pens's go to heaven?