If your not already following Amber Fillerup, you should start! Her blog is  full of inspiration, and amazing braid tutorials! I was so excited when  Amber reached out about doing some photos of her baby girl rosie after she  arrived. What a special time to have documented! enjoy!

welcome rosie - new york city

Amber Fillerup hospital shoot with Rosie by Stephanie Sunderland Photography. Hospital new born photography. New York City Family photographer.

Newborn hospital photography.

Baby announcements let your buddies and household members know each detail of your new baby, and most significantly permits them to find a photo of your new bundle of joy

(Dimitri): I sit with Alli after her surgery. The doctors say she's fine, but won't wake up for a few days. I hold her limp hand, trying to calm down. (Open rp)

Birth story- wish I would have gotten a photographer to do this! Maybe with baby want to do a birth story

Daddy and baby girl hospital

There are several ways that it's possible to decorate your house, but nothing beats how you can spruce up your house walls with architecture posters.

Hospital Newborn Sessions - LOVE this pic...now who will take it for me?

This looks like one I have with my mom. Hospital Newborn Sessions - LOVE this pic.now who will take it for me?

These will make you feel good! Friends for life: Day one 45 kids meeting their siblings for the very first time

45 Kids Meeting Their Sibling For The Very First Time

love the pictures no. 2 and 9 most of all but these are sooooo adorable! 45 Kids Meeting Their Sibling For The Very First Time