How to be emo

This is so true i actually started to cry and I dont understand how i could be in pain and not cry but this sht breaks me

tyler's voice sounds innocent yet he climbs when he isn't supposed to that rebel

"How to be "Emo"" by paw157 on Polyvore featuring River Island, Dr. Martens, Sharpie and Skullcandy

Sorry to burst your bubble, emo is a type of music. Anyone who wears this is just themselves, not "emo.


OML Brendon<<< wow josh, a way to make it obvious << I really wish this was real <<This is amazing! I wish it was true 😣

Agreed. Idk who frank is. Should I know? Am I missing something?!?----> *cough cough* MCR *cough* WHO SAID THAT?!?!?

Idk who frank is. Am I missing something?<<<< frank used to be in a band called my chemical romance but now he's in a band called frank Iero and the patience <<<(to the first comment) mcr gituarist pesant

Let's take a moment to appreciate that this shitty meme that I made and thought would have no success has circulated Pinterest and even gotten onto one of my favorite MCR fan accounts on Instagram. The internet is actually beautiful (I need to stop)

Yes I have three they are Brendon Urie, Gerard Way, and Frank Iero

Yeah, but the thing is where I live there is no hot topic and I don't know why or how I have survived

TO THE WEIRD KIDS<<<<well i mostly fit this mold.<<< First person, are you a weird kid or are just calling us out or what.

These children are lucky people... i have no friends hehe

These children are lucky people. i have no friends hehe<<<<Same also how does this happen? I never see kids my own age it's either toddlers or old white people

Fangirl.  There's so many different things you could be out there, prep, emo, nerds, hipsters, fangirls, music lovers and probably much much more, and we always seem to be butting heads.

Same Reaction here. Totally not understanding, why someone would do such a thing. The poor book.

: Our  emo "crappy" "scary " music Saves lives and teaches us to be kind and loving:  their music teaches them to be judgments of other people and how to have " swag" news flash "swag" won't get you through life

If you think about it though we are accepted by society. Just not their society. We have our own society full of people who understand this and we all accept each other so we are accepted by society just not theirs.