learning twice: The SIFT Method for Literature Analysis

I like this abbreviation and think it will help students analyze parts of plays and novels. It could be used as centres or each person in a Lit Circle could cover one aspect.

A Mother’s Story: What I Want to Tell Others about Sensory Processing Disorder | The Sensory Spectrum

Spring brings about many wonderful changes but can also knock our sensory children off their game and create disruptive behavior.

My quest this year was to create a more organised environment in my classroom. A space that allowed for natural expression through various forms of play as well as a space that was organised and wa…

Reggio and Documentation

documentation at the beginning of an inquiry - at Garden Gate Child Development Center in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids

Have You Filled a Bucket Today (Carol McCloud) This is a great story to encourage community and prosociality as children are able to see how rewarding it is to help a friend.

Easy for beginning knitters. Quick photo tute here: http://diyreal.com/bunny-from-a-square-love-this-bit-of-cleverness/

Amigurumi Long Eared Rabbit Crochet Bunny Baby Shower Gift Doll with Liberty Lawn clothes