This process demonstrates how to lay a basic precast paving stone walkway or patio. For large projects, it's important to consult a soils engineer to evaluate whether your soil is prone to abnormal expansion and contraction due to water holding capacity. The most problematic is clay, and to compensate for its plasticity, you may need to lay thicker base material or add a geo-textile layer... #Pavers #diy #InstallingPavers

How to Install Pavers

How to Install Pavers. Remove all existing plants, lawn and constructed elements down to the level of undisturbed soil.

We love visual how-to's! When laying your own pavers, you will need a Vibra Tamp (which you can get from us) to pack in the ground level - THEN lay your pavers!

Laying Patio Foundation - About Patio Designs, Contemporary Deck & Patio Ideas

How to install pavers? Paving stones installation? See pictures and videos.

Learn the BEST way to install pavers, as recommended by the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute. Get an online price per square foot.

It All Goes Down | Young House Love  We carry @Pavestone @pavers and YOU could do this yourself!  These folks are an inspiration.

How To Lay A Paver Patio: Gravel, Sand, And Stones

Always loved Monty's path.  Warning: links to Daily Fail!

Be it brick or cobbles, paving stones or tiles, if you're thinking of putting in a new path, now's the time to do it, says Monty Don

Best paving Video I have ever watched - How to lay pavers

How to lay stone patio pavers without a wooden form. Make your own cement border to lock in the pavers.

How to Install a Mowing Strip of Bricks | DIY

How to Install a Mowing Strip of Bricks

How to Install a Cobblestone Patio on Concrete or Bare Soil : How-To : DIY Network

How to Install a Cobblestone Patio on Concrete or Bare Soil

An old concrete patio with a mismatched paver extension gets a completely different look with a stylish cobblestone overlay. Using mats of pavers makes the installation fast and easy.