That's an incredible poem... and especially written by a third-grader!

"I am a rich pie strong with knowledge. I will not be eaten." This girl in on her way to being the next Maya Angelo!

Lolll I'm not totally here anymore, but I definitely can relate.

It is my reply when someone asks me for the billionth time why I am single, to judge a minute later that I am too picky.

I can't imagine it either, regardless of whether my ancestors participated or not. What is that response supposed to do?

The west is on fire, the gulf is inundated, the Norks are discussing nuclear war, and Trump's response is to deport nearly a million people. This makes perfect sense to me, doesn't it to you?

Definitely wouldn't be going back to sleep right away after that one...

I forgot they said it was a dream so I got really scared

This is the most metal thing I’ve ever read

I may add that this is about vagina people*, this should be cheering the metal of cis women and trans men << perfectly agree.

Hilarious! lol definitely an A for creativity.

A+ in Creativity. The real funny thing is the grammar in the test questions. A+ in Creativity The real funny thing is the grammar test questions

Fire distinguisher. Yep, that's fire.

WEBSTA @ kttiens - I'm going on a textpost hunt.

#cripplingdepression, #anxiety, #newyears

Dude, you have to see this

Anxiety Prime is 2 second shipping!

I'LL definitely need this !

I'LL definitely need this !