I would believe this, but I grew up knowing only Katrina and I had some customers recently who told me their daughter was one of 3 Katrina's in their class.

Hurricane Katrina History and Numbers (Infographic)

The entire hurricane season of which Katrina was part had a much bigger effect than most people are aware. The ENTIRE Gulf Coast was hit by strong hurricanes.

I survived Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina facts you may not have known. One of the costliest natural disasters of all time.

Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath

Hurricane Katrina, at one point a Category Five storm, caused millions of dollars in damage and left a death toll in the thousands.

Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath

Hurricane Katrina moved ashore over southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi early on August as an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm.

Hurricane Katrina In a hurricane rips through New Orleans. houses are destroyed. (I was in staten Island, ny. at the mall on richmond ave.

Hurricane Katrina floods New Orleans - Katrina was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States.

Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath

The flooding in New Orleans nearly a week after Hurricane Katrina hit, taken by NASA's satellite on Sept.

Hurricane Katrina Pictures That are Still Haunting Years After

Waiting in the Rain with Other Flood Victims Outside the Convention Center in New Orleans Photographic Print

One year after Hurricane Katrina landed on the Gulf Coast, a member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s helicopter crew remembers the swath of destruction he viewed from above on August